The Bright Education Program aims to deliver new cultural experiences/challenges to school-aged kids from Wadeye. Whilst attending the Bright P12 College, participants are will learn new skills in literacy, numeracy and will continue their development as young role models. With our local community partnerships, we encourage our participants to involve themselves in a variety of community, art, music and sporting activities which both challenges and educates.


Through our partnership with Thamarrurr Development Corporation, we offer the youth of Wadeye a variety of training programs that range from specific skills based to job readiness. These programs are designed to support, train and upskill local participants and encourage them to enter the workforce within their own community. These programs are available in both Wadeye and Bright.


The Language Program continues to grow in size and quality at Bright P-12 College. There are approximately 40 students doing Indigenous studies from Yr8-Yr12 and we have Dallas Mugarra working as a language assistant, supporting students to learn and explore both the Dhudhuroa and Murrinhpatha languages, land and Culture. “The role of Bright P-12 and its teaching staff along with students has been creative, unique and culturally spectacular.”

"I can't believe I running a cafe in Wadeye."

Honarata, Cafe Manager


From our Youth Centre we are proud to run our Youth Services for the young people of Wadeye. We run programs each day and try to support our youth as much as possible, as well as other service providers. Our programs include everything from men’s and women’s health classes to cooking and culture. We operate a café from the Youth Centre as well as it being used as a drop-in centre.


Provide sport and recreation opportunities for all persons in the community of Wadeye. Activities are run from the Rec Hall, as well as various other sporting venues within the community and beyond. Team sports are developed to encourage a competition in the Thamarrurr region. Local staff are training to deliver quality programs across multipole sport and recreational pursuits.


The Dumu Balcony Café is run as a social enterprise that employs and trains youth from the Thamarrurr area. Whilst working in the café the participants will learn valuable employment and life skills and develop knowledge to use in their community or anywhere else they choose.


The Remote School Attendance Scheme is a project we have taken on to assist getting kids to school in Wadeye. Our team of local staff pick up kids each morning in the minibuses and assist their families in getting kids to school. The team work closely with families and the community to support education. This is a project funded by Prime Minister and Cabinet.