Wadeye Youth Services

wadeye Youth Services

The youth services in Wadeye are managed and run by our team of experienced local staff who facilitate programs which offer an outlet for youth to learn about health, social and emotional wellbeing, and undertake training in various fields. Our programs are delivered in the regional centre of Wadeye, as well as surrounding homelands and other communities of Palumpa and Peppimenarti .

As well as providing opportunities for young people to learn and grow, our services and programs in Wadeye provide leadership positions and employment opportunities for community members to step into. Many of our employees are past participants of our other programs, who now work for Thamarrurr Youth and continue to show strong leadership qualities.


Youth Services

From our Youth Centre we are proud to run youth services for the young people of the Thamarrurr region. Our youth services operate through the drop in Youth Centre, in addition to home and community based delivery. We run programs each day and try to support our youth as much as possible, often in collaboration with other service providers. Our programs include everything from men’s and women’s health classes to a school holiday program and cooking and preparing meals for locals. 

Sport and Rec Programs

Our sport and recreation programs are for all persons in the community of Wadeye and the surrounding Thamarrurr region. Thamarrurr Youth train staff to deliver quality programs across multiple sport and recreational pursuits, developing skills in a range of key sports such as mountain biking, football, and basketball. Activities are run from the Rec Hall, as well as various other sporting venues within the community and beyond. Thamarrurr Youth also facilitates the organisation of intercommunity events to encourage competition in the Thamarrurr Region.



The Remote School Attendance Strategy is a community program which works to support families and individuals in accessing education opportunities. We at Thamarrurr Youth believe that access to education that has both cultural and western foundations is a vital part to developing future leaders. Our program works closely with families and the community to support kids from across the Thamarrurr Region to attend school and ensure that they have the best possible opportunity to learn in western and cultural spaces. Our team of local staff pick up kids each morning and assist their families in getting kids to school.